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Examples of projects - Slovenia

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Learning about Slovenian history, culture and its constitutional set up

By teaching refugees about various cultural and historical aspects of Slovenian society, the project helped them understand their host country and integrate easier into society.

Project dates:  01/08/2011 - 30/11/2011ERFSlovenia

The construction of Razkrižje border crossing point

The construction of a new border crossing point meeting Schengen standards improved working conditions for employees and ensured infrastructure was efficient for passenger and transport management.

Project dates:  26/05/2010 - 28/01/2011EBFSlovenia

Establishment of permanent operational cooperation with translators in the procedures of identifying non-EU nationals on the basis of language analysis

By analysing language, including accents and dialects, translators can determine the origin of an unresponsive non-EU national and thereby obtain the necessary documents from the relevant third country.

Project dates:  01/01/2009 - 30/06/2012RFSlovenia

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