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Call for proposals "Community actions" 2010

Deadline: 14/12/2010

I) Latest developments

  • 14/10/2010: The 2010 call for proposals has been published msw8 - 144 KB [144 KB] .
    The objective of the ERF III is to support and encourage the efforts made by the Member States in receiving, and in bearing the consequences of receiving, refugees and displaced persons, taking account of EU legislation on those matters.
    In addition, in accordance with Article 4 of Decision No 573/2007/EC, the Commission may use a limited part of the Fund’s available resources to finance “transnational actions or actions of interest to the Community as a whole concerning asylum policy and measures applicable to the target groups referred to in Article 6”.
    The deadline for submitting proposals is 14 December 2010. Please note that to participate to this Call for proposals, applicants must use Priamos, an electronic system for the submission of proposals, which allows the applicants to fill in an electronic application form and submit all relevant documents via the internet. In order to access the system, applicants need to register and subsequently use a password provided by the system. Please note that before you can access to the application forms of the Call, your registration must be validated by the Commission.

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