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Unaccompanied minor

A non-EU national or stateless person below the age of eighteen who arrives on the territory of the EU States unaccompanied by an adult responsible for him/her whether by law or custom, and for as long as s/he is not effectively taken into the care of such a person, or a minor who has left unaccompanied after s/he has entered the territory of the EU States.

Source: Council Directive 2001/55/EC

Undocumented person

A non-national who enters or stays in a country without the appropriate documentation. This includes, among others, a person:

  • who has no legal documentation to enter a country but manages to enter clandestinely,
  • who enters or stays using fraudulent documentation,
  • who, after entering using legal documentation, has stayed beyond the time authorised or otherwise violated the terms of entry and remained without authorisation.

Source: International Organization for Migration

Uniform visa

A visa valid for the entire territory of the Schengen States.

Source: Regulation (EC) No 810/2009

Unremunerated trainee

A non-EU national who has been admitted to the territory of an EU State for a training period without remuneration in accordance with its national legislation.

Source: Council Directive 2004/114/EC

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