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Highly qualified employment

The employment of a person who:

  • in the EU State concerned, is protected as an employee under national employment law and/or in accordance with national practice, irrespective of the legal relationship, for the purpose of exercising genuine and effective work for, or under the direction of, someone else,
  • is paid,
  • has the required adequate and specific competence, as proven by higher professional qualifications.

Source: Council Directive 2009/50/EC

Highly qualified migrant

A person with qualifications as a manager, executive, professional, technician or similar, who moves within the internal labour markets of trans-national corporations and international organisations, or who seeks employment through international labour markets for scarce skills.

Source: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation

Host country

The EU State in which a non-EU national takes up legal residence.

Source: European Migration Network

Host EU State

The EU State in which a FRONTEX coordinated joint operation, pilot project or rapid intervention takes place or from which it is launched.

Source: Regulation (EU) No 1168/2011

Hot spot

A border crossing point at the EU's external border where repeated action occurs, such as smuggling of people and drugs from a particular region.

Source: Communication COM(2010) 673 final

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