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Conference on Crisis Management in the Food Chain

Over 350 people from 300 organisations, companies and countries took part in the conference on "Crisis Management in the Food Chain", 19-20 May in Brussels. Subjects ranged from the dangers of modelling, the EU response to avian flu, animal welfare in times of crisis, how the UK has moved on since FMD in 2001, capacity-building in developing countries to what we have got wrong/right in the media.

We would like to thank all the participants and contributors. We look forward to seeing you again at the Veterinary Week Conference in 2012.

Commissioner John Dalli said in a video message that "the diverse role the profession plays is not always properly acknowledged." He spoke about communication and trust:

"People are at the very heart of my responsibilities. I want people to feel empowered in the decisions they make on a day-to-day basis; to feel confident; but most importantly when there is a crisis… that they can rely on us to give them the facts of the matter; that we will be transparent; and that we will not shy away from difficult messages or difficult decisions in difficult times… We can and must reassure the people of Europe that the food they eat is safe."

The conference conclusions will appear here soon.

A camel having a pedicure?

DG Health and Food Safety and the World Organisation for Animal Health awarded the prizes for the joint international photographic competition.

The over 2,500 entries from across the globe "spoke" of the incredible diversity of the veterinary profession.

The 5 awarded photographs from each region * :

Long Duong (USA) received a special acknowledgement as the jury felt he had captured vets' importance in safeguarding the food chain from farm to fork.*

 * EC copyright