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Consumers - Fact sheets

Ensuring the safety of products for all EU citizenspdf(469 KB) Choose translations of the previous link Deutsch (de) English (en) français (fr) (2006)

The expansion of trade both within the EU and with commercial partners located in other parts of the world has increased the variety of food and non-food products available to European citizens. Protecting the health and safety of consumers as they buy and use products in all Member States is a top priority for the EU.
Factsheet on the European Consumer Centre Networkpdf(1014 KB) Choose translations of the previous link Deutsch (de) English (en) français (fr) Providing information and support as consumers shop across the EU (2008)

Consumers must be able to take advantage of the best deals on offer in the EU and feel confident in making purchases both at home and abroad. The ECC-Net is an EU-wide network that provides information on cross-border shopping, ensures consumers are aware of their rights and gives support in the event of a complaint.
Helping consumers to help themselvespdf(820 KB) Choose translations of the previous link Deutsch (de) English (en) français (fr) (December 2006)

A number of developments, including world trade liberalisation, the completion of the European single market, economic and monetary union, new information technologies, market liberalisation and sophisticated strategies for promoting increasingly complex products, have had a significant effect on consumers. More than ever before, people must be fully aware of their rights and obligations, understand the functioning of the economy, improve their ability to make purchasing decisions and be more assertive when it comes to commercial pressures.
The EU is working to raise the awareness of all citizens on consumer issues and ensure that everyone has the skills to take advantage of shopping opportunities within the Internal Market.