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Current calls

Current calls for tender or expressions of interest relating to public health, food safety, plant health or animal welfare:

  • SANTE/2016/G5/040 - Framework contract for the provision of complete electronic signature services (including eSeals used as digital corporate stamps) for the operations of the Traces system - closing date: 31/03/2017, 17:00
  • SANTE/2016/B1/071 - Towards a fairer and more effective measurement of access to healthcare across the EU - closing date: 24/02/2017, 17:00
  • SANTE/2016/F6/028 - Performance of audit and inspection services for the European Commission at its premises at Grange, Dunsany, County Meath, Ireland - closing date: N/A

Closed calls


  • SANTE/2016/A4/049 - Provision of online testing tools for eHealth services and assistance in organising testing events in the European Commission facilities - closing date: 28/11/2016, 17:00
  • SANTE/2016/A4/022 - Provision of online testing tools for eHealth services and assistance in organising testing events in the European Commission facilities - closing date: 05/10/2016, 17:00
  • SANTE/2016/F6/031 - Technical consultancy and assistance in building issues and project execution - closing date: 10/10/2016, 16:00
  • SANTE/2016/G2/030 - Purchase, storage and delivery of live attenuated vaccine against lumpy skin disease - closing date: 02/08/2016, 17:00
  • SANTE/2016/B1/017 - Access to healthcare for people in rural areas - closing date: 19/09/2016, 17:00
  • SANTE/2016/F6/012 - Remedial works to the external timber doors and windows at the EU Commission buildings in Dunsany, County Meath, Ireland - closing date: 6/08/2016, 12:00
  • SANTE/2016/A4/013 - Scalable software as a service (SaaS) for a clinical patient management system to support European reference networks - closing date: 19/07/2016, 17:00
  • SANTE/2016/C3/008 - The supply, storage and dispatching of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers who might need to deal with infectious diseases of high consequence (IDHC) - closing date: 09/05/2016, 16:00


  • SANTE/2015/G3/026 - Open call for tender concerning a study: "Pig castration: methods of anaesthesia and analgesia for all pigs and other alternatives for pigs used in traditional products" - closing date: 23/11/2015
  • SANTE/2015/C4/035 - Pilot project 'Reducing health inequalities experienced by LGBTI people' - closing date: 16/11/2015 ·  SANTE/2015/E4/020 - The collection of complete data from EU and Member States food labelling legislation for certain foods and their transfer to an EU food labelling information system - closing date: 30/09/2015
  • SANTE/2015/D2/021 - Pilot project on the promotion of self-care systems in chronic diseases in the European Union - closing date: 04/09/2015 30/09/2015 updated
  • 2015-s045-077147(67 KB) - Call for expression of interest for the setting up of a list of external experts for the assessment of programmes for the eradication, control and surveillance of animal diseases and zoonoses - closing date: 28/02/2018
  • SANTE/2015/F7/027 - Contract for the Installation of insulation and airtight seal in the roof area of the European Commission building at Grange, Dunsany, Co Meath, Ireland - closing date: 07/08/2015


  • SANTE/2014/C4/068 - Reviews of scientific evidence and policies on nutrition and physical activity - closing date: 07/09/2015 18/09/2015 updated
  • SANTE/2014/C4/032 - Pilot project related to reducing health inequalities: building expertise and evaluation of actions - closing date: 21/09/2015

Buyer profile

Calls for tender for low-value contracts between 15.000 € and 60.000 €.

Contract for the supply of 70,000 litres of heating oil for the Commission's offices at Grange, Dunsany, Co. Meath

Estimated value: 50.000 €
Estimated launching date: 2016 2nd quarter