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Funding Of Animal Health Measures

Each year, the EU provides financial support to prevent, eradicate, control and monitor various animal diseases. This has successfully contributed to reducing the incidence of several diseases in the EU, including rabies, BSE and salmonellosis.

Regulation 652/2014, covering the whole food chain, with a budget of almost €1.9 billion covering the period 2014-2020, funds priorities in the area of food and feed. 65% of the CFF budget is allocated to animal health programmes and measures.

The specific objectives of the Regulation 652/2014 related to animal health expenditures are the achievement of a higher animal health status and the contribution to the timely detection and eradication of animal diseases.

National programmes for the eradication, control and surveillance of animal diseases and zoonoses (veterinary programmes) and emergency measures are co-funded through Regulation 652/2014.

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