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CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2014/1/17037714

Preparatory Action "Healthy diet: early years and ageing population"


Please note that a correction has been made regarding the admissibility requirements (paragraph 7 of the call text), as follows:

an application with a postmark no later than the 14th August will be considered admissible; late delivery due to postal delays or to other reasons beyond the control of the submitter will not affect the admissibility of the proposal.

Applicants are reminded that the final deadline for submission of proposals is August 14th 2014.

Please also note that an updated version of the project application form has been uploaded.

The new application form eliminates the distinction between public officials and non-public officials previously contained in Section 7.1.1.

Also, item I2 ("contribution pertaining to public officials") contained in Section 7.2.2 has been removed.

As a result, the corresponding guidelines for applicants have been updated too.


The European population is getting older, but often not in good health and with reduced quality of life. Good nutrition and adequate physical activity have an important role to ensure that people not only can live longer, but also live healthy, active and independent lives.

A balanced diet and adequate physical activity helps maintain or improve the health status of the individual, whether children, adult or elder and plays throughout whole life-span.

Malnutrition and lack of physical activity are still a common challenge at EU level and can and should be addressed intervening in several areas: screening, assessment, management and research and in different settings and target groups.

The present call for proposals will support interventions related to healthy diet in early years and ageing population.

The following three priorities have been identified:

1) Promoting a balanced diet and adequate nutrition status in all ages.
2) Screening for nutritional status in older people.
3) Implementation of good practices in nutrition management in clinical and community settings.

The activities funded will be implemented within a period of no longer than 18 months.

Final implementation report

According to Annex IV-V of the Grant Agreement ("Reporting requirements"), the final implementation report should include a final technical implementation report and a final financial report.

Please find below the template to be used for the Technical implementation report.

Please find below the guidelines and the templates to be used for preparing the Financial report, according to the provisions set out under paragraph 2.2 ("Financial report") of the Grant Agreement (Annex IV-V):