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Public Health (03-04-2007)

Bringing the results of the Scientific Committees closer to the public

The European Commission uses the expert advice on risk assessment of three non-food Scientific Committees when preparing policies and proposals. These committees are made up of external, independent scientists and provide authoritative scientific advice in the fields of consumer safety, public health and the environment.
These opinions frequently address issues of concern to stakeholders, policy makers and the general public but, by their nature, they are often difficult for a non-specialist to understand.
That is why the Commission has decided to release summaries of the most relevant scientific opinions in a format and language which can be easily understood by non-specialists.
First in line is the opinion on the safety of tooth whiteners. Millions of tooth whitening kits have been sold to consumers seeking to brighten their smiles. The whitening ingredient in these products is hydrogen peroxide. However, are tooth whiteners with up to 6% of hydrogen peroxide safe? Should they be freely available to consumers?
Later this year this will be followed by easily understandable summaries of the scientific opinions on the safety of sunbeds and nanotechnology.
The three non-food Scientific Committees are - the Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP), the Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER) and the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR).

Easy to read summary of the assessment on tooth whiteners:

Further information on the Scientific Committees: