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Public Health (25-11-2016)

Members of renewed Expert Panel on Health appointed

The Commission appointed today new members of its Expert Panel of Effective Ways of Investing in Health, which has recently been renewed for three additional years. The new panel members announced in the Commission Decision were selected following a call for expression of interest and selection procedure by the Commission. Between them, they cover a wide range of disciplines including human medicine, public health and economics.

The three year term of the previous panel, composed of 12 members, ended on 20 May 2016, and the new panel of 15 members will serve a three year term, ending in May 2019.

The aim of the Panel is to provide the Commission with independent advice, spanning different sectors, supporting modern, responsive and sustainable health systems. The Panel will adopt Opinions on a wide-range of issues to guide the Commission's work in the area of public health and health systems.

The renewed Expert Panel will support the Commission in its efforts towards evidence-based policy-making on country-specific and cross-country knowledge in the field of health. The Panel will in particular be an instrument to support the Commission’s agenda on effective, accessible and resilient health systems.