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Public Health (20-10-2016)

Commission launches public consultation on strengthening EU cooperation on Health Technology Assessment

Today, at the Forum "European cooperation on HTA: what's next?" co-organised by the European Commission and the EUnetHTA Joint Action, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis, announces the launch of a public consultation on the Commission initiative for strengthening EU cooperation on health technology assessment (HTA).

Speaking to an audience of stakeholders including HTA bodies, industry, patients' representatives, health organisations and national and regional health authorities, the Commissioner said "The Commission has supported voluntary cooperation on HTA for more than 20 years, and through several HTA Joint Actions, we have built a solid knowledge based on methodologies and information exchange. Now it is time to take the next step: to build a permanent, sustainable mechanism for EU cooperation on HTA so that all Member States can benefit from the added value created by pooling resources, exchanging expertise and avoiding duplication in the assessment of the same product or intervention."

The consultation on the form future EU cooperation on HTA might take will run until 13 January 2017. Views will also be gathered at today's EC-EUnetHTA Forum, and the Commission has in parallel, launched a number of studies to provide further evidence for the analysis of possible options and their impacts. The Commission will propose a way forward once all opinions and data have been gathered and analysed.

The EC-EUnetHTA Forum taking place today is the first meeting between all 79 partner organisations and the broader stakeholder community. In addition to raising awareness on the launch of the consultation, the partners wish to receive feedback on the Joint Action activities and how they can contribute to shaping the future of EU cooperation on HTA. Discussions will be structured around three panels:

  • Panel 1: EU cooperation on HTA today
  • Panel 2: The role of HTA: from early development to patient access
  • Panel 3: Future of HTA in Europe

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