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Public Health (28-04-2016)

Kick-off meeting of the Commission's new scientific committees

Today, the newly appointed scientists who are to provide the European Commission with independent scientific advice on issues relating to consumer safety, public health and the environment during their five year mandate (2016-2021), hold their inaugural meeting in Luxembourg1. These Committees are:

The agenda includes an official welcome by the European Commission and the government of Luxembourg, and discussions on the future challenges of the committees, synergies between EU risk assessment bodies, ensuring robust risk assessments, and the potential impact of scientific opinions. Practicalities such as the mission and tasks of the scientific committees will also be covered.


The Commission's independent scientific committees are made up of eminent scientists from all over the world. Since the creation of the first committees in 1978, more than a thousand scientific opinions have been adopted on subjects ranging from the safety of ingredients in cosmetics and hair dyes and the potential dangers of nanomaterials in medical devices and cosmetics to electromagnetic fields, breast implants and synthetic biology. Their opinions serve as a basis for regulations, contributing to a more evidence-based EU policy-making which ensures a high level of health protection to European citizens.

The Committees are governed by the principles of excellence, independence and transparency. A robust set of rules is in place to safeguard their independence and prevent risk of influence from economic, social or other non-scientific elements.

1  Luxembourg is the official seat of the SCCS and the SCHEER