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Public Health (26-04-2016)

Reports on quality and safety standards for human blood, tissues and cells published today!

Today, the Commission publishes two reports on the implementation of EU legislation which sets standards of quality and safety for a) human blood, and b) human tissues and cells.

According to the legislation, donation of both human blood and human tissues and cells should be voluntary and unpaid. Both reports show that all EU countries have taken measures to encourage voluntary and unpaid donation, although the interpretation of what is considered compensation and incentive vary between Member States.

Furthermore, both reports reveal adequate compliance by EU countries and the EEA countries of the quality and safety requirements of the Directives. Significant progress has been made in many areas, boosted by the active support by EU Health programme funded projects and other initiatives.

The reports also point to some gaps and difficulties in applying and enforcing the rules. For both sectors, these difficulties relate to – inter alia - the definitions, the protection of donors, the inspections framework and testing and deferral criteria for new epidemiological and technological developments (eg testing for Malaria).

The Commission is considering the follow-up including an in-depth evaluation of the legal framework. 

For more information, including links to both reports: