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Public Health (28-09-2015)

Access to health services in the EU: Launch of public consultation on preliminary opinion

Today, the Commission and its independent Expert Panel which gives non-binding advice on matters related to “effective ways of investing in health”, launch a public consultation on a preliminary opinion which explores options for action to improve equity of access to health services in the EU.

Interested parties are invited to provide comments on the preliminary opinion online before 6 November 2015.

The preliminary opinion addresses barriers to accessing health care and explores policy measures that can overcome them. Ways to improve equity could include matching health needs and financial resources, affordable and accessible health services, the availability of a sufficient number of health workers with the right skills, and the availability of quality medicines and medical devices. The preliminary opinion pays special attention to access to health services for underserved groups as Roma, undocumented migrants and people with mental health problems.

Relevant comments submitted to this public consultation will be reflected in the final opinion, which is expected to be adopted by the end of November 2015.