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ECCG - sub-group on energy

The ECCG sub-group on energy is a consultative body representing energy consumers in the Citizens' Energy Forum since 2007.

The Citizens' Energy Forum is a regulatory forum focusing on the implementation of electricity and gas markets legislation and improving market functioning for the benefit of consumers.

How does it work?

The ECCG sub-group on energy meets 3 times per year:

  • Before and after the Citizens' Energy Forum in Brussels;
  • 1 meeting during the Citizens' Energy Forum in London.


Members are experts on energy from European consumer organisations appointed by the ECCG.  


  • Gives opinion on energy-related policy issues and proposes actions for the protection and empowerment of energy consumers to the ECCG and the Commission;
  • Advises the ECCG on energy and consumer issues;
  • Raises consumer problems and solutions at national level e.g. industry practices in the area of energy markets and market performance for consumers;
  • Exchanges information, good practice and expertise with consumer organisations.

Opinions of the sub -group on energy do not reflect the opinion of the Commission or its services.