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Our vision

Our vision is ' Europe working for healthier, safer, more confident citizens.'

Our activities touch the everyday lives of Europeans.

We all expect to live safe, healthy and full lives. We expect our health and our rights to be protected throughout the EU to the same high standards.

Our goal is to meet these expectations. We do not pretend that a zero-risk society is possible but we strive to earn your confidence by being open and professional in managing the risks.

We aim to:

  • Protect and improve your health
  • Ensure your food is safe and wholesome
  • Protect the health and welfare of our animals
  • Protect the health of our plants

From vision to reality

We will achieve this through monitoring, listening and acting.
  • Monitoring : Over the years, the European Union has established laws on the safety of food and non-food products, on consumers' rights and on the protection of people's health. It is up to national, regional or local governments to actually apply health and consumer protection legislation and ensure that traders, manufacturers and food producers stick to the rules.

Part of our job is to check that this is really happening.
  • Listening : None of our actions would be viable if they did not take account of other EU policies such as protecting the environment or economic competitiveness. Neither would they be achievable without wide consultation with our stakeholders. Via the various stakeholder groups, we do our best to ensure that we listen to a maximum number of voices.

  • Acting : Where EU action is needed, we will continue to make proposals that are practical, sensible and proportionate to the problem using either binding legal instruments or any other policy tool that will bring effective results. But we will also support national or regional authorities where they are better placed to act.