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Update your phone Check your personal documents Get a European Health Insurance Card Enjoy your EU consumer rights Hunt for deals with caution Book smart Travel with a light heart Understand your car rental Know before you shop Get free help & advice
UEFA EURO 2012 (Poland - Ukraine)

Are you a football fan planning your dream trip to see the UEFA EURO 2012 matches?

Avoid hassle and trouble that can ruin your trip with these tips!

Update your phone

  • The EU emergency number: 112
  • Consumer Help in all EU languages via web request to Europe Direct
  • Legal advice on a concrete consumer problem in Poland (in English, 9h00-17h00 CET on weekdays)
    • Free Consumer Infoline 800 007 707 (calling from a Polish fixed-line phone or mobile phone of Polish operators) *
    • Consumer Infoline +48 228 27 5474 (calling from a mobile phone of foreign operators. Normal charges apply including roaming) *
    * The Infoline is operated by the Polish Consumer Federation (Federacja Konsumentów). The project is financed by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in Poland and the European Commission.

Check your personal documents

  • If you come to Poland from outside the Schengen area, check with your national service the type of document you'd need.
  • Valid driving licence, if you plan to rent a car.
  • Valid passport, if going to Ukraine.
  • As an EU national, you can get consular protection from your or any other EU country in case of a serious problem when outside the EU.

List of embassies and consulates in Ukraine

Get a European Health Insurance Card

Get yourself a free European Health Insurance Card to access state healthcare in Poland at reduced fees or for free.

The card is valid in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. That includes Poland, but not Ukraine. You still need travel insurance.

Attention Health Advice!

Enjoy your EU consumer rights

  • Whatever your nationality, EU consumer laws protect your rights in any EU country.
  • Consult our website or write via web request for any consumer-related problems you encounter.
  • Ukraine is not part of the EU so consumer rights may differ there. If you have questions or need assistance, contact the Ukrainian Consumer Federation Pulse
    (tel: +38 044 51 39 936, email:
    More information here.

Hunt for deals with caution

Be extra diligent when hunting online for good deals on flights and accommodation.

EU rules ban misleading information about prices or services.

Book smart

Avoid last-minute bookings during this crowded period.

If you booked a package which includes at least 2 of the following:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Other tourist services which are a substantial part of the package
  • AND
  • The service covers more than 24 hours or includes an overnight stay

You have the right to transfer it to someone else or request a cancellation, if the package changes considerably.

Travel with a light heart

  • Cancelled flight, long delays, denied boarding? Lost or damaged luggage?

    Use your EU air passenger rights to get reimbursement, rerouting, compensation and more.

    The airline must inform you of your rights.
  • By train - you can also get compensation if your luggage is lost or damaged, or your journey cancelled or delayed.

Understand your car rental

When renting a car, you have the right to clear information and fair contract terms.

Check out our top tips.

Know before you shop

Shoppers in all EU countries have the same minimum consumer rights.

  • 2-year guarantee - the seller must repair or replace faulty goods free of charge. If that is not possible within reasonable time or without inconvenience, you may ask for a refund or a price reduction. Commercial guarantees do not replace the minimum 2-year guarantee but may complement it.
  • As an EU national, you're entitled to the same price for a product or service as a local. This also means that you must not be refused a service just because you live in another EU country.

Get free help & advice

Back home with a problem purchase?

Contact the European Consumer Centre in your country if you bought goods or services from traders based in another EU country.


Ticketing is the responsibility of UEFA and its accredited resellers ONLY.

Buy your tickets according to UEFA-issued rules to avoid ending up with fake tickets.

Refer any ticketing problem to UEFA.