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Brochures and Factsheets

Public Health

Factsheet on Tobacco Control DE EL ES FR IT PL PDF

Healthier Together in the EU DE EL FR PDF
The European Union (EU) works to protect and improve the health of European citizens. The Treaty establishing the European Community1 underlines this principle. The aim is to make sure that all Europeans – regardless of who they are or where they live – can enjoy a healthy life until old age. They should be protected from threats to their health, be aware of healthy lifestyle options and, when they fall ill, know and enjoy their rights to treatment at home and abroad.

Factsheet on Nutrition and Obesity Prevention DE FR PDF
Better health for all: promoting active lifestyles and improved nutrition
Obesity among EU citizens, including children, is rising at an alarming rate. This phenomenon is linked with potentially fatal health problems, including cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.
The EU has launched a series of initiatives designed to meet the problem head-on, helping consumers to make informed nutritional choices, encouraging an active lifestyle and improving the health of young people.

10 Key Facts on Nutrition and Obesity Prevention DE FR PDF
European Union citizens are moving too little and consuming too much: too much energy, too many calories, too much fat and sugar, and salt. The main consequence is a sustained, acute EU-wide increase in overweight and obesity.

Factsheet on Harmful Drinking DE FR PDF
Fifty-five million adults are estimated to drink alcohol to harmful levels in the European Union. Harmful alcohol consumption is a serious threat to public health and can result in considerable social and economic costs.

Key data on Alcohol-Related Harm in the EU DE FR PDF
55 million adults are estimated to drink at harmful levels in the EU (more than 40g of alcohol, i.e. 4 drinks a day, for men and over 20g, i.e. 2 drinks a day, by women). Drinking more than this is known to carry a health risk.

Factsheet on Pandemic Preparedness
Standing ready in case of a flu pandemic
A severe worldwide epidemic caused by a new strain of a human influenza virus, i.e. a pandemic, could have severe public health and socioeconomic impacts if authorities across the globe do not stand prepared.


Food Safety, Animal Health and Welfare

Animal welfare: How to make an informed choice DE ES FR IT PT PDF
On 28 October 2009, the European Commission adopted a Report¹ in which it outlines a series of options for animal welfare labelling, to facilitate an in-depth political debate with the other institutions. The overall policy goal in this area is to make it easier for consumers to identify and choose welfare-friendly products, and thereby give an economic incentive to producers and EU citizens to improve the welfare of animals.

EU action on pesticides DE EL ES FR IT PDF
The Commission has completed the review of existing pesticides that were on the market before 1993. This programme concerned about 1 000 substances and led to removal from the market of more than two thirds of these substances. All reviewed pesticides have undergone a detailed risk evaluation with respect to their effects on humans and on the environment.

New rules on pesticide residues in food PDF
Consumers are exposed to pesticides because small amounts can be found on harvested crops. These amounts are called pesticide residues. In the EU, from September 2008 onwards, a new Regulation1 comes into force which lays down revised rules for pesticide residues.
September 2008

European Union import conditions for poultry and poultry products PDF
Import rules in the European Union (EU) for poultry and poultry products are fully harmonised and the European Commission acts as the competent authority on behalf of the 27 Member States. The European Commission is the sole negotiating partner for all non-EU countries in questions relating to import conditions.

Health and Consumer Voice Special Edition on the FVO- November 2007 DE FR PDF
For over 10 years the EU’s Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) has been working to protect the health of European consumers to ensure that they can enjoy their food with peace of mind.

Factsheet on Animal welfare DE ES PDF
Ensuring the humane and responsible treatment of farmed animals
Animal welfare is an issue of great importance for Europeans. The farming of animals is no longer seen as merely a means of food production, but also as an ethical concern. Increasingly, there is a public sense of responsibility for animals which are under human care.

Factsheet on Avian Influenza DE FR PDF
Preventing the spread of avian influenza
The recent spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza from Asia to the west has provoked great concern in the EU and worldwide. This disease can have devastating consequences for the health of birds (wild and domestic) and can sometimes pose a threat to human health too.

Avian influenza type H5N1 is a disease currently affecting birds, wild and domestic, in several parts of the world.
In the EU, a few sporadic outbreaks have occurred since 2006 which have so far been successfully contained.

Factsheet on Traceability DE FRPDF
Tracing food through the production and distribution chain to identify and address risks and protect public health
Food safety has been a growing concern among EU citizens over the last decades. Outbreaks of disease in animals that could be transmitted to humans, or the presence of chemicals above acceptable limits in feed and food, can threaten both the quality and safety of products.

Food Contaminants DE FRPDF PDF
Managing food contaminants: how the EU ensures that our food is safe. Food contaminants are substances that may be present in certain foodstuffs due to environmental contamination, cultivation practices or production processes. If present above certain levels, these substances can pose a threat to human health. EU rules ensure that food placed on the market is safe to eat and does not contain contaminants at levels which could threaten human health.


Consumer Protection

RAPEX annual report 2008: Keeping European Consumers Safe PDF

Your rights as a consumer PDF

Factsheet on Product Safety DE FR PDF

Factsheet on Consumer Education DE FR PDF

Factsheet on the European Consumer Centre Network PDF

Brochure on Ten Basic Principles of Consumer Protection