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My name is Patrick. I started my career as a lawyer in Ireland, but I have been working in the European Commission in Brussels since 1990.

Having played a role in creating the EU's internal market I strongly support the principle of the free movement of good. But I also know that Europeans want the products they buy to be safe. That is why my job is to ensure national governments around the EU all play their part in keeping unsafe products off the EU's internal market.

I work to ensure they observe the EU's rules on the safety of consumer products and services, while colleagues elsewhere in the Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection apply the EU's rules on food safety. We publish weekly bulletins on our website of unsafe products that have been identified by the national authorities (food product alerts, consumer product alerts).

Our Directorate-General also runs a number of scientific committees that can advise us about the risks of particular chemicals, or specific types of consumer goods or even newly emerging health threats. When we need scientific advice about food safety risks, however, we ask the European Food Safety Authority.