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The Directorate General for 'Health and Consumers' has several electronic publications that you can subscribe to :

  What's new on DG Health & Consumers website, a daily compilation of all new documents published on the site of the Directorate General for 'Health and Consumers';

  Health and Consumer Voice Newsletter, a monthly Newsletter on food safety, health and consumer protection from the Directorate General for 'Health and Consumers';

  Newsletter of the European Commission Scientific Committees;

  Health and Consumer e-News, email updates on latest news and developments from Directorate General for 'Health and Consumers', tailored to your interests. You may subscribe to one or more topics :

  • Public Health
  • Consumers
  • Food and Feed Safety
  • Animal Health and Welfare

  Health-EU newsletter. The e-newsletter provides you twice a month with a selection of the latest news and activities in the field of public health at both European and international level. The Newsletter is thematic and issued in 22 languages.

  Animal Welfare Newsletter, twice-a-year publication aiming to raise awareness among the general public, stakeholders, professionals and NGOs about animal welfare.

  "What's Next?", DG SANCO Futures' Newsletter, is a compilation of selected articles and studies which are meant to be thought provoking as part of our reflection on the future challenges that DG Health and Consumers will face in the coming years. This monthly informal newsletter does not represent the view of the European Commission. ;

You can first register and then subscribe at the following page :

Newsletters from other Directorates-general that may interest you :



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