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Health and Consumer Protection

Call for tenders

Use and assessment of the European form for consumer complaints. Countries involved: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland and the United Kingdom (99/S 128-85489/FR) - Invitation to tender No XXIV/99/C2/009

Open procedure

1. Name and address of the contracting authority: European Commission, Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General, unit C2 - Legal questions, B 232-5/41, rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200, B-1049 Bruxelles/Brussel. Tel. (32-2) 295 04 26. Facsimile (32-2) 295 94 90. E-mail:

2. Category of service and object of the contract CPC 861.

Within the framework of its action to improve consumer access to justice, the Commission, in order to issue a European complaint form and assess its efficiency and relevance, intends to select, in each of the Member States indicated above, a consumer protection body to co-ordinate the processing of a certain number of individual disputes through the use of the form.

The object of this contract is therefore to:

- monitor a certain number of cases processed through the European form up to the resolution stage,

- create a file for each form which the body is dealing with, in accordance with a uniform model which will be developed on the basis of the ’Access’ computer programme supplied by the Commission.

3. Place of delivery: The computer files and reports will be returned to the contracting authority in 1.

4. Tenderers who are legal persons must indicate the names and professional qualifications of the staff to be responsible for the execution of the services.

5. The contract is divided into 6 lots, corresponding to the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, United Kingdom. Tenders may be for only 1 lot.

6. Variants: Variants are not permitted.

7. Duration of the contract: The Commission will sign a contract with the chosen contractor(s), for a period of 9 months, renewable once under the same conditions.

8. Documents:

a) Request for documents: the invitation to tender documents may be obtained from the address in 1.

b) Final date for receipt of requests for invitation to tender dossiers: 23. 7. 1999.

c) The invitation to tender dosssier will be sent to all candidates free of charge.

9. a) Final date for dispatch of tenders: 3. 9. 1999.

b) Address to which tenders must be sent: As in 1.

c) Languages: Tenders must be drawn up in 1 of the 11 official languages of the Member States.

10. a) Opening of tenders: 1 authorized representative of the tenderer has the right to be present.

b) Date, time and place: The public opening of tenders will take place in the offices of the European Commission, rue Belliard 232 B, salle 5/41, B-1040 Bruxelles, on 16. 9. 1999 (16.00).

11. Not applicable.

12. Method of payment: The total value paid will correspond to the total number of files transferred, multiplied by the price/file stated in the tender.

13. Legal form of the tenderers: Any legal person, including a public body. Tenderers are authorized, subsequent to express formation of the grouping, to submit a joint tender, as long as it is clearly specified and the rules of the competition are respected. Such groupings must later adopt a specific legal form if the contract is awarded.

14. Information enabling appraisal of the tenderer’s abilities and criteria for selection: Tenders must be accompanied by complete information concerning the tenderer’s legal form. Tenderers will supply the information listed below for the persons responsible for the execution of the service, whether it be the tenderer himself, his employees, subcontractors or other agents:

a) a list of the natural persons employed by the tenderer or subcontractors responsible for the execution of the services, with indication of their professional qualifications and duties;

b) a list of the main assignments carried out by such persons over the past 3 years and proof of at least 3 years’ experience in assisting consumers;

c) a description of the way in which the tenderer intends to carry out the processing involved in the contract. Where applicable, the tenderer will also supply a description of the means of supervision and quality control of the subcontractor’s work;

d) assurance that it is technically possible for the tenderer to use the Access programme;

e) a statement from tenderers, ensuring that they are not bankrupt or being wound up, that their affairs are not being administered by the court, that they have not entered into an arrangement with creditors, that they do not have suspended business activities or are not in any analogous situation, also that they have fulfilled obligations relating to the payment of social security and taxes in accordance with the legal provisions of the countries of the contracting authority.

The Commission will use this information to make its decision.

15. Period during which the tenderer is bound to keep open his tender: 6 months from the final date of receipt of tenders.

16. Criteria for the award of contract: According to the specific requirements of this invitation to tender, particularly as indicated in 14, the contract will be awarded to qualitatively the best tender, in accordance with the following criteria:

- national geographic coverage, i.e. ability to cover the territory of the relevant state,

- ability to develop genuine cooperation with other bodies responsible for consumer assistance and for the processing of consumer disputes,

- method proposed to carry out the works, particularly its multiplying effect relation to the use of the form,

- the price proposed per file, maximum of 10 EUR.

17. Other information: This notice contains all the information to enable tenderers to request the invitation to tender dossier, in conformity with the procedure described in 8.

18. Date of dispatch of the notice: 11. 6. 1999.

19. Date of receipt by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities: 11. 6. 1999.

20. This procurement is covered by the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement.





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