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Health and Consumer Protection

Call for tenders

Updating of the annotated compilation of Community law with respect to consumer protection (99/S 150-110638/FR) XXIV/99/C2/007

Open procedure

1. Contracting authority: European Commission, Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General, Directorate C2 - Legal matters, B 232, 5/41, rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200, B-1049 Bruxelles/Brussel.

Facsimile (32-2) 295 94 90. E-mail:

2. Category of service and subject of the contract: CPC 861.

This contract involves:

a) updating of the current text of the compilation, taking account of the recent legislative developments and the latest decisions of the European Court of Justice (reference date for the update: 30. 9. 2000) and publishing the updated compilation in English;

b) twice-yearly updating of the 2 language versions of the compilation (reference date: 31 March and 30 September) for the next 3 years, i.e. 2001-2003.

Data with respect to the survey of Community texts must be presented in a written report, and also transcribed onto computer media.

The previous compilation may be accessed on the Internet at the following address:

3. Place of delivery: The intermediate and final reports will be submitted to the contracting authority at the address in 1.

4. a) Execution of the service is reserved for a body with experience and competence within the legal field.

b) Tenderers which are legal persons must indicate the names and professional qualifications of the staff responsible for execution of the services.

5. For methodological reasons and in order to guarantee even-handed and coherent treatment of all the subjects covered by the study, service providers may not submit tenders for a part of the services concerned.

6. Variants: Variants are not permitted.

7. Time limit for execution of the service: The Commission and successful tenderer will sign a contract covering the 2 parts of the contract. Each part of the contract must be carried out by the successful tenderer within a period of 1 month from the reference date (see point 2 (a) and (b).

8. Documents:

a) Request for documents: The invitation to tender dossier may be requested from the address in 1.

b) Final date for receipt of requests for invitation to tender dossiers: 20. 8. 1999.

c) The invitation to tender dossier will be sent free of charge to all candidates.

9. a) Final date for receipt of tenders: 22. 9. 1999.

b) Address to which tenders must be sent: As in 1.

c) Language: The application package must be drawn up in 1 of the 11 official languages of the European Union.

10. a) Opening of tenders: 1 authorized representative per tenderer has the right to be present.

b) Date, time and place: The public opening of tenders will take place on 30. 9. 1999 (10.00), in the offices of the European Commission, rue Belliard, B 232, Room 5/41, B-1040 Bruxelles.

11. Payment terms: Prices will be specified in the tender documents.

12. Legal position of the tenderer: Any legal or natural person, including public bodies, may submit a tender. Groupings of tenderers may submit a joint tender as long as it is clearly indicated and the rules of the competition are respected. If awarded the contract, such groupings may be required to adopt a particular legal form.

13. Period during which the tenderer is bound to keep open his tender: 6 months from the final date for receipt of tenders.

14. Selection criteria: Tenders must be accompanied by complete information on the legal position of the tenderer. The tenderer must supply the information listed below, for persons responsible for the required provision of services, whether they be the tenderer himself, his employees, subcontractors or other agents:

a) List of natural persons employed by the tenderer or the subcontractors responsible for the required provision of services, accompanied by a list concerning their function, their professional qualifications and their experience withn the field of study;

b) list of main assignments carried out by such persons, during the past 3 years (for public or private clients) relevant to this contract with a precise indication of the type of work carried out, resources used and value of the contract;

c) description of the way the tenderer intends to deal with the subject of the study and, where applicable, an indication of the parties whom the service provider intends to subcontract. Where applicable, the tenderer will also supply a description of the means of supervision and quality control of the work carried out by the subcontractor.

The Commission will use this information for making its final decision.

Tenders will be selected on the basis of evidence concerning the competence and experience of the tenderer within the field relevant to this contract, particularly the drafting/publishing of legal texts.

15. Award criteria: Taking account of the particular conditions of this invitation to tender, in particular those listed in 14, the contract will be awarded to the economically most advantageous tender, assessed on the basis of:

a) the method proposed to carry out the works and the significance and consistency of the proposition, bearing in mind the subject of the contract;

b) price.

16. Indication of prices: Prices must be:

a) indicated in euro;

b) refer separately to both parts of the contract (a single price in euro for each of the 2 parts of the contract);

c) firm and definitive.

17. Other information: This notice contains all the information necessary for tenderers to request an invitation to tender dossier in accordance with the procedure described in 8.

18. Date of dispatch of the notice: 26. 7. 1999.

19. Date of receipt by the OOPEC: 26. 7. 1999.





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