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Health and Consumer Protection

Call for tenders

12/03/99 - S50/35 - Community Institutions - Commission - Services - General information (99/S 50-31526/FR) - B-Brussels: study on the evolution of charges for banking services with respect to payment, especially cross-border payment, subsequent to the euro being introduced

Open procedure

1.1 Contracting authority (awarding authority): European Commission, Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General, Directorate A, Unit 5, B 232 7/44, rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200, B-1049Bruxelles/Brussel. Tel. (32-2) 299 35 53. Facsimile (32-2) 296 79 18.

1.2 Award procedure chosen: Open procedure.

2.1 Category of service and description. CPC reference No:

2.2 Description of the service(s): Study on the evolution of charges for banking services with respect to payment, especially cross-border payment, subsequent to the euro being introduced. The contract does not include options concerning additional purchases.

3.1 Indication of whether execution is reserved for a particular profession: No.

3.2 Indication of whether legal persons are bound to indicate the names and professional qualifications of the personnel to be responsible for the execution of the service: Yes.

3.3 Service providers may tender for part of the services concerned: No.

4.1 Place of delivery or execution: As in 1.1.

5.1 Contract duration. Time limit for starting, delivering or completing the service: 20 copies of the final report shall be submitted to the Commission no later than 4 months after the contract has been signed. 20 copies of a French or English translation of the report shall be supplied if the final report is drawn up in another language. An electronic version of the report (adapted to Acrobat Reader and/or Word Microsoft) will also be submitted in the report’s original language, as well as in French or English.

6.1 Where applicable, the legal form to be taken by the grouping of service providers winning the contract:

7.1 Variants are prohibited: Yes.

8.1 Where applicable, any deposits and guarantees required: No deposit will be required.

9.1 Information concerning the service provider’s position: registrations, declarations and certificates within the meaning of Article 30 § 3 of Directive 92/50/EEC; statement on the overall turnover and the turnover relating to the services involved in this contract, realized by the undertaking over the past 3 financial years; list of the principal services provided over the past 3 years, their value, their dates and public or private recipients; an administrative document mentioning the name of the tenderer, the address and the name of the person who will sign the contract; name and address of the bank and the bank account number; VAT number, where applicable; tenderers must prove that they are able to cover the 15 Member States in the same way.

10.1 Criteria for the award of contract: Economically most advantageous tender assessed in accordance with the following criteria, indicated, if possible, in decreasing order of importance (numbering the corresponding boxes): price, quality of the methodology proposed for collecting and processing the information, technical merit, time limit for delivery or execution.

10.2 Tender documents and additional documents are obtainable from: As in 1.1. Final date for requests: 6. 4. 1999. Reference to be quoted: Appel d’offres XXIV/99/A5/001. Description of the documents that can be obtained: tender documents; general conditions applicable to Commission contracts.

10.3 Where applicable, the amount and conditions for obtaining such documents: Free of charge. Reference to be quoted: Appel d’offres XXIV/99/A5/001.

10.4 Persons authorized to be present at the opening of tenders: One duly authorized representative of the tenderer only.

10.5 Date, time and place of such opening: 30. 4. 1999 (10.00). Address: as in 1.1 (this address can only be used if the physical address is involved).

10.6 Main terms concerning financing and payment: See tender documents.

10.7 Period during which the tenderer is bound to keep open his tender: The 6 months following the final date for submission.

10.8 Final date for dispatch of tenders. Final date and time for delivery: 22. 4. 1999 (16.00).

10.9 Address for dispatch of tenders. Address for delivery within Commission services: Dispatch addresses by post and delivery addresses by any representative of the tenderer, including private courier service: as in 1.1. Reference to be quoted on the inside envelope: Appel d’offres XXIV/99/A5/001.

10.10 Languages in which the tenders must be drawn up: Any official language of the European Communities.

11., 12.

13.1 Other information: Administrative and technical information: as in 1.1.

14.1 The procurement is covered by the Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA): No.

15.1 Date of publication of the prior information notice in the OJEC: Not published.

16.1 Date of dispatch of this notice: 2. 3. 1999.

17.1 Date of receipt by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities: 2. 3. 1999.





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