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Swine fever in the UK : Some restrictions lifted

Despite another case of classical swine fever confirmed on 4 September in East Anglia, the Standing Veterinary Committee of the EU today has given a favourable opinion to two Commission proposals on the control of classical swine fever in the United Kingdom. Some of the restrictions on trade so far adopted will therefore be lifted.

Under the first proposal the restrictions on pig movements so far adopted in Essex will be lifted on 15 September, if the veterinary controls currently being carried out show the absence of disease in this county. This will enable the export of live pigs and porcine semen from Essex to recommence. The export restrictions in Suffolk and Norfolk remain in place.

The second proposal will allow the slaughter of pigs in the area surrounding the District of Old Buckenham in Norfolk, where all pig movements had been banned due to an outbreak at the beginning of August. The meat of these pigs could be marketed if they pass the rigorous veterinary controls established.

During the discussion in the Standing Veterinary Committee several Member States noted that their support for the lifting of some restrictions was made possible by the effective work so far carried out by the UK veterinary authorities to control the classical swine fever outbreak in East Anglia.

The two proposals should also encourage British pig-farmers to continue their co-operation with the veterinary authorities to successfully eradicate the disease as quickly as possible. However, it is expected that further disease outbreaks will be reported in the coming days and this underlines the need for continued caution and rigorous controls.

The two proposals will be formally adopted by the Commission as Decisions in the next few days.

Released on 06/09/2000


Press releases



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