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Press releases

Brussels, 9 October 2001

Results of the Standing Veterinary Committee

The Standing Veterinary Committee (SVC) today voted in favour of European Commission proposals with regard to foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in Uruguay and classical swine fever (CSF) in Spain. For Uruguay, the suspension of imports of de-boned fresh meat from Uruguay because of FMD outbreaks has been lifted. The area in Spain from which exports are restricted because of CSF has been further reduced. The proposals will now be adopted by the Commission in the next days.

Foot-and-mouth disease in Uruguay

On 23 April 2001 Uruguay confirmed outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease and suspended exports of all fresh meat from FMD susceptible species. On 19 May 2001, the Commission adopted a decision confirming the import restrictions into the EU.

Vaccination against FMD of all bovine animals has been carried out twice in the meantime with the objective to regain the status of FMD-free country with vaccination and thus to allow the resumption of the export of deboned fresh meat from FMD susceptible animals. Two inspection missions from the Commission Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) took place to examine the epidemiological situation regarding FMD and the control measures in place. The result of the missions show the disease situation has been stabilised.

The Commission therefore proposed to lift the suspension of imports into the EU of deboned and maturated fresh meat from bovine, ovine and caprine animals slaughtered as from 1 November 2001 and Member States agreed with this proposal.

Classical swine fever in Spain

The SVC voted in favour of a Commission proposal to further reduce the area in Spain from which the export of live pigs and porcine semen, ova and embryos are banned in response to outbreaks of classical swine fever (CSF). The area under restriction in the province of Lerida will be reduced to three comarcas (Pla d'Urgell, Urgell and Noguera) compared to six comarcas until now. After formal adoption by the Commission, the decision is applicable until 15 November.


Press releases



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