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07 April 2014Conference

Ensuring Health & Sustainability in Europe: Doctors and Veterinarians emphasize "prevention is better than cure"

The aim of the event is to bring together stakeholders, active in the medical and veterinary sector, to discuss on how we can work collaboratively in a One-Health approach. The purpose of this initiative is to highlight the importance of prevention, in order to ensure human and animal health and welfare. More precisely the event will focus on:

  • the benefit coming from the implementation of good health management in practice, both in terms of health and welfare, as well as, of financial sustainability;
  • the importance of co-ordinating actions in both sectors via a One-Health approach, with a particular focus on zoonotic diseases
  • the role of the medical and veterinary profession in assuring these matters and educating the society

You may find more information in the Draft programmepdf.

The registration fee for the conference is 155 €/ person and covers reception, coffee breaks, attached material, etc.)

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You may note that the event will be covered by a professional photographer and any material related to the event will be provided in digital form only.

13 June 2013Conference

Conference on Animal, Plant and Control Package: Smart Rules for Safer Food

The package of measures provide a modernised and simplified, more risked-based approach to the protection of health and more efficient control tools to ensure the effective application of the rules guiding the operation of the food chain.

The current body of EU legislation covering the food chain consists of almost 70 pieces of legislation. The package of reform will cut this down to 5 pieces of legislation and will also reduce the red-tape on processes and procedures for farmers, breeders and food business operators (producers, processors and distributors) to make it easier for them to carry out their profession.

Businesses will benefit from simpler, science and risk-based rules in terms of reduced administrative burden, more efficient processes and measures to finance and strengthen the control and eradication of animal diseases and plant pests. Consumers will benefit from safer products and a more effective and more transparent system of controls along the chain.

The purpose of this conference is to provide an opportunity for the Commission to formally present its proposal to stakeholders and journalists; and, to encourage an open and transparent debate before the European Parliament and Council formally begin their deliberations.

Venue – Charlemagne Building, Rue de la Loi 170, 1000 Brussels

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04 May 2013Open Door Day 2013 at the European Commissionxml Choose translations of the previous link 

On 4 May 2013, kids and their parents can participate in cooking workshops led by one of Belgium's chefs, at the Health and Consumers stand in the Berlaymont building. Kids can also enjoy fun games and quizzes at the stand, while their parents explore the rest of the interactive exhibitions on food labelling, food waste and on what the EU does to protect consumers against dangerous products. In addition, visitors can also get a print of themselves as an animal and a plant, if they have their picture taken in the photobooth outside the building.

Visitors are also invited to join the debates on Active and Healthy Ageing, Food Safety and on what you need to know about your rights as a consumer.

27-28 February 2012Conference

Conference on Combating Food-Crime

The conference aimed to:

  • Exchange experience and good practice on the legal and judicial instruments, and ways to improve them;
  • Reinforce current information networks, control and traceability procedures;
  • Improve coordination between all actors, and develop strategies for combating food-related crime;
  • Promote regular meetings with national authorities and the establishment of cells for specific food-crime areas at national level;
  • Raise awareness of the problem also with the public to prompt vigilance when shopping

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16 July 200930 Years Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)xml Choose translations of the previous link International Conference: Keeping an eye on your food
05 - 06 December 2002International Colloquium on Food Safety 2002Organised by Pôle européen Jean Monnet de Bruxelles, Centre Bigwood sur l'Alimentation, la Consommation et la Santé Publique, Observatoire sur la consommation et les questions alimentaires