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Upcoming events

26 February 2015 - Workshop on alternatives to pig castration

Workshop on alternatives to pig castration


Past events

08 December, 2014 - 2nd Global Webinar on Animal Welfare

2nd Global Webinar on Animal Welfare

01 December, 2014 - IWTO Multi Stakeholder meeting

IWTO Multi Stakeholder meeting

13-14 October, 2014 - Animal Welfare Workshop

Animal Welfare Workshop

01 July, 2014 - 2nd Stakeholder meeting

Food Fraud Conference

07 May, 2014 - Expert Stakeholder Group Meeting

Welfare of Horses

The European Commission hosted an equine expert meeting on 7 May 2014. The purpose of the meeting was to:

  1. Explore issues affecting equines and the multifaceted equine sector;
  2. Set the stage for a possible conference to help inform the European Union's approach to equine welfare; and
  3. Provide a sound point of departure for a report being prepared by World Horse Welfare and Eurogroup for Animals that will feed into the European Commission's equine impact assessment.

More information on the meeting can be found in the following links:

29 April, 2014 - World Veterinary Day - Animal Welfare

Veterinary leadership: "Empowering tools for vets in the field of Animal Welfare"

Following the huge success of the WVA Global Seminar on Animal Welfare (held in Prague on 17-18 September 2013), the WVA and the European Commission agreed to keep “alive” the global panel discussions platform on Animal Welfare and to organize a follow up event via webinar with the participation of representatives from AVMA, EFSA, EC, FAO, FVE, IVSA, OIE, WSPA, WVA and others.

We regret that due to the considerable interest in this seminar we have been unable to accept all requests for registration. All those accepted have been sent a confirmation by e-mail. Our apologies to those who could not be accommodated. We shall make every effort to include you in future events and a report of the proceedings will be published.

10-12 April, 2014 - Animal Welfare Workshop, Warsaw, Poland

EN - Improving animal welfare: a practical approach

The workshop will focus on the animal welfare legislation applicable per species, the critical welfare issues and species-specific welfare assessment schemes. It will consist of both a theoretical and a practical on-farm session, where participants can bring their theoretical knowledge into practice.A specific working group will be formed for veterinarians involved with wild animals in captivity.

This workshop in Warsaw, being a part of a series of workshops is, is mainly targeted at veterinary farm animal practitioners and official veterinarians from Poland, Austria, the Baltic countries, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. Some places will be reserved for veterinary or animal health related students and producers. Similar workshops were held in Budapest (Hungary), Barcelona (Spain), Riga (Latvia), Sinaii (Romania), Lasize (Italy) and in Zeist (Netherlands).

PL - Poprawa dobrostanu zwierząt – podejście praktyczne

Warsztaty składają się zarówno z części teoretycznej, jak i wizyt w gospodarstwach hodowlanych, w trakcie których uczestnicy będą mieli okazję sprawdzić świeżo nabytą wiedzę w praktyce.

Niniejsze warsztaty są częścią cyklu zajęć, które dotychczas odbyły się w Budapeszcie (Węgry), Barcelonie (Hiszpania), Rydze (Łotwa), Sinaii (Rumunia), Lazise (Włochy) i w Zeist (Holandia).

07 April, 2014 - Conference for Better Bee Health

Brussels, GASP room, Charlemagne Building

This conference, which will be opened by European Commissioner for Health, Tonio Borg, will present numerous strands of ongoing work in response to concerns in recent years for bee health and bee colony losses. It will present recent developments for better bee health, on EU apiculture funds, examples of projects for healthy and abundant bees (including wild bees), for good beekeeping, agricultural production and bees-related biodiversity. It aims to promote dialogue, knowledge transfer, coordination and a joined-up approach in the policy-science-practice triangle, at EU, national and local level and between the various disciplines, especially in recognition of the multi-factorial causes behind colony losses.

The conference may merit the interest of a wide scope of audience from the apiculture sector and the animal health area (policy experts from Member States, representatives from beekeeping organisations, NGOs, and individual beekeepers). It will also be important for bee and pollination scientists and researchers, designers and beneficiaries of rural development programmes, managers of agri-environment measures, farmers, landowners, producers and users of plant protection products and those interested in bees-related biodiversity projects

07 April, 2014 - Ensuring Health & Sustainability in Europe

Doctors and Veterinarians emphasize "prevention is better than cure"

The aim of the event is to bring together stakeholders, active in the medical and veterinary sector, to discuss on how we can work collaboratively in a One-Health approach. The purpose of this initiative is to highlight the importance of prevention, in order to ensure human and animal health and welfare. More precisely the event will focus on:

  • the benefit coming from the implementation of good health management in practice, both in terms of health and welfare, as well as, of financial sustainability;
  • the importance of co-ordinating actions in both sectors via a One-Health approach, with a particular focus on zoonotic diseases
  • the role of the medical and veterinary profession in assuring these matters and educating the society

You may find more information in the Draft programmepdf.

You may note that the event will be covered by a professional photographer and any material related to the event will be provided in digital form only.

11 March, 2014 - Stakeholder meeting, Brussels

Development of guidelines on the welfare of pigs

Member States and other invited stakeholders were present at this meeting to discuss the further development of guidelines which were first proposed in March 2013. The Agenda attached below includes: draft issues of the guidelines and aide-memoire on tail-biting and the use of manipulable materials (available for consultation and comments) and presentation by EFSA on the use of animal welfare indicators.

12 February, 2014 - Conference on Animal Welfare

The achievements of the EU Strategy for the welfare of animals 2012-2015 - Mid-term review
Brussels, Charlemagne Building

Europeans care deeply about the ethical treatment of animals and have become world leaders in applying legislation on animal welfare. Although the EU Treaty recognises animals as sentient beings, animal welfare laws are meaningless without the commitment of farmers, veterinarians, transporters, public enforcement officers, retailers, researchers, educators and citizens. Ensuring the welfare of animal's from farm to fork is everyone's responsibility. The EU supports many innovative programmes for the improvement of animal care.

This conference provides the opportunity for a mid-term review of the 2012-2015 EU Strategy for the Protection and Welfare of Animals. It allows us to consider the achievements and challenges centred on four major themes: farming, transport and enforcement, food quality, education and training.