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Events - 2012

17 DecemberAlternatives to surgical castration of male pigs

A conference on the "Alternatives to surgical castration of male pigs" is organised in Brussels on 17 December 2012.

Event goals:

  • Highlight the voluntary European Declaration on alternatives to surgical castration;
  • Debate the implementation of alternative options to surgical castration which are already applied in and outside the EU;
  • Promote the abandonment of surgical castration within the EU by 1 January 2018 for organisations having signed the European Declaration.

The event will gather key European stakeholders from the pig sector, the European Commission, NGO's as well as scientific and veterinary experts to exchange views on the progress made so far in applying alternatives to surgical castration and to present the Commission's future initiatives on this issue.

24 OctoberConference on the smooth implementation animal slaughter rules

The Commission and the EU's Cypriot Presidency are organising an international conference on "Protection of animals in slaughterhouses: getting ready for 2013" in Brussels on 24 October 2012.

Conference goals:

  • Facilitate the implementation of Regulation 1099/2009pdf on animal slaughter;
  • Exchange experience with interested parties from the meat supply chain;
  • Present state-of-the-art technologies related to the killing of animals at slaughter plants.

The event will bring together participants from national and international organisations, representatives of the competent authorities, vets, producers and NGO representatives.

The new rules better integrate animal welfare into slaughterhouses' operations.

As of 1 Jan. 2013, slaughterhouses will have to regularly monitor the efficiency of their stunning techniques, appoint a specific person responsible for animal welfare and ensure that their staff is properly trained and certified.

17 OctoberComing up: meeting on group housing of sows

On 17 October 2012 in Brussels, the Commission organises a meeting with EU countries and stakeholders to assess the implementation of group housing of sows (Directive 2008/120/EC - protection of pigs). The deadline for enforcement of the directive is 1 January 2013.

3 OctoberEconomics of animal health: a price worth paying?

A conference on the “Economics of Animal Health” will take place on 3 October 2012 in Brussels to discuss:

  • The importance of animal health and its role in the economy ;
  • Animal health as a driver for development ;
  • Allocating resources for improved animal health ;
  • Trade versus risks ;
  • How to ensure reasonably priced livestock .

The event will bring together vets, policy makers and senior experts of local, regional, national and international authorities.

A recording of the conference will be available here shortly.

Click here to see the short introductory clip produced by DG Health & Consumers

For any further information, please contact:

10-11 JulyMeeting of Researchers on Animal Welfare

2º Regional Meeting of Researchers on Animal Welfare: Progress and Stretegies for the future of Livestock, 10-11 July 2012, Montevideo, Uruguay

20 MarchEnsuring Fair Food & Farming for the Future

Ensuring Fair Food & Farming for the Future, Brussels, La Bibliotheque Solvay, 20 March 2012

29 February - 1 MarchInternational conference on the new EU strategy 2012-2015, Brussels

International conference on the new EU strategy 2012-2015, Brussels, 29 February - 1 March

Empowering consumers and creating market opportunities for animal welfare

19 MarchMeeting on implementation of Council Directive 2008/120/EC

Stakeholders and Member States meeting on implementation of Council Directive 2008/120/EC: Group housing of sows, Brussels, 19March 2012

19 - 21 JanuaryCommissioner Dalli at the International Green Week in BerlinFrom 19-21 January, Commissioner Dalli visited Berlin's International Green Week - the world's largest food and and agriculture fair attracting over 600,000 visitors each year.

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