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EU Veterinary Week 2011 - Vets in your daily life

19 - 20 May 2011, Rue de la Loi, 170 - B-1040 Brussels

The 4th edition of EU Veterinary Week take place on 16-22 May 2011 to acknowledge the vital and often unseen role of vets in our daily life. Why should you be interested in vets? Here is one reason why.

One of the many tasks vets have is to look after the health of bees. If bees become extinct, it would cause greater food shortages in Europe than the loss of any other single animal.

The main event is a conference on "Crisis Management in the Food Chain" in the Charlemagne building on 19-20 May. Conference speakers come from academia, media, government and NGOs from across Europe and the world. The objective is to raise awareness on how prepared the Commission is to manage a food safety crisis and what role do vets have in different scenarios.

Registration, programme and details online or you can register in person at the venue.

The password for registration is "EUVetWeek2011".

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A stand on the Berlaymont esplanade will invite passers-by to learn about the veterianarians' world and DG SANCO's role of protecting the food chain.