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12-09-2014Animal Health: EU to tighten rules on horse passports
10-09-2014Commission adopts proposals on veterinary medicines and medicated feed
08-08-2014Statement by Commissioner Borg on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa
24-07-2014Commission publishes encouraging second round of EU-wide test results for horse meat DNA in beef products: measures to fight food fraud are working
23-07-2014The right to a basic bank account for all European citizens: Commission welcomes Council adoption
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11-09-2014public health - Rare diseases
Minutes - Commission Expert Group on Rare Diseases (Luxembourg, 03-04 July 2014)
10-09-2014public health - Scientific committees
SCCS - Draft agenda of the 7th Plenary meeting, Luxembourg, 23 September 2014
10-09-2014public health - Scientific committees
SCHER - Draft agenda of the 8th Plenary meeting, Luxembourg, 19 September 2014
10-09-2014public health - Nutrition and physical activity
EU platform for action on diet, physical activity and health List of members updated
10-09-2014public health - Scientific committees
SCENIHR - Safety of dental amalgam and its alternatives: Public consultation on the preliminary opinion launched Deadline for comments: 16 November 2014
10-09-2014public health - Medicinal products for human use ; Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use
Commission adopts proposals to improve animal and human health
10-09-2014food safety - Food and Veterinary Office - audit reports
BG Bulgaria - Animal Health - rabies eradication programme
08-09-2014public health - Ebola
Proposal for EU Ebola virus disease case definition
08-09-2014public health - Ebola
Options to prepare gatherings in the EU in the context of the current outbreak of EVD in West Africa
05-09-2014public health - Rare diseases
Implementation report on the Commission Communication on Rare Diseases Europe's action in the field of rare diseases (2009/C 151/02)

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12-09-2014Rapex Weekly Report: report 36, 2014
09-09-2014Safety of dental amalgam and its alternatives: Public consultation on the preliminary opinion launched
05-09-2014Rapex Weekly Report: report 35, 2014
04-09-2014Report on Roma Health underlines extent of poor health outcomes for Roma
29-08-2014Rapex Weekly Report: report 34, 2014
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  Speeches :
04-09-2014 Commissioner Borg delivers speech on 'bridging health inequalities'
21-07-2014 Commissioner Neven Mimica's speech on Consumer Policy Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern, Munich - Perspectives of the European Consumer Policy
10-07-2014 Commissioner Borg delivers a statement on the Prevention & Control of Non-Communicable Diseases
10-07-2014 Commissioner Neven Mimica's opening speech at "The EU integration of the Western Balkans", Dubrovnik
08-07-2014 Commissioner Neven Mimica's speech at the EPC Breakfast Policy Briefing:"A new EU regulatory framework for medical devices ensuring safety and innovation"


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