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Public Health (12-06-2007)

EU highlights health and environment progress at Intergovernmental Midterm Review in Vienna

The Intergovernmental Midterm Review Conference on Environment and Health opens in Vienna on 13 June. The event, organised by the World Health Organisation Europe (WHO Euro), is a follow-up to the Fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health held in Budapest in 2004. European Commission representatives, Health and Environment Ministers, NGOs and other stakeholders have gathered together to discuss and assess progress in health and environment policies in view of the 5th Ministerial Conference in 2009. The Commission has emphasised its commitment to the overall environment and health process and the major progress achieved in specific policy areas. SANCO DG Director of Health, Andrzej Ryś, highlighted the need to integrate health in all policies and to pay particular attention to the most vulnerable groups. The emerging and potential environmental health threats to be addressed in the future include climate change and nanotechnologies. Consequently, the Commission is planning a Communication on the consequences of climate change on human and animal health, which is expected to be adopted in 2008.
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