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Consumers (03-07-2012)

Consumer Product Safety – a common objective

A Trilateral EU-China-US Consumer Product Safety Summit took place on 28-29 June in the United States with the participation of the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, and his counterparts from the US and China.

This was the third time that the EU, China and the US have met in this trilateral format at such a high level to discuss non-food consumer product safety issues and the approach is yielding positive results. Since the start of this trilateral cooperation, four years ago, the three partners have laid down excellent foundations for collaboration in the area of consumer product safety. During last week's Summit, participants took stock of the achievements, discussed how to take this cooperation forward and debated several new initiatives. While bilateral mechanisms are in place, the tri-lateral meetings are a symbol of the commitment to the collaboration between the three parties at the highest level.

The main topic of the summit was: "Product safety surveillance from factory to front door: a cooperative effort".

Commissioner Dalli and his US and Chinese counterparts issued a joint statement outlining how they will further enhance regulatory cooperation and promote cooperation on "seamless surveillance". The concept of seamless surveillance links product safety controls along the product supply chain by enhancing cooperation between product safety authorities in countries of origin and countries where the products are sold. The joint statement also highlights some specific actions which will help implement the trilateral cooperation, including on product traceability, better information exchange between regulators and to continue disseminating product safety information to industry stakeholders.

With the globalisation of supply chains international cooperation has become an essential ingredient to ensure safety for consumers in the EU. This trilateral cooperation is serving to build mutual trust and to promote better coordinated responses to product safety challenges.

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Mr Sun Dawei,Vice Minister of AQSIQ; Ms Inez M. Tenenbaum, Chairman of the CPSC; Mr John Dalli, Member of the European Commission.