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Public Health (27-01-2012)

Public Hearing on the preliminary opinion on Improvement of Risk Assessment: Registration now open!

On 27 February 2012, the three non-food scientific committees advising the European Commission will organise a hearing on the pre-consultation opinion concerning improvement of risk assessment in line with the needs of risk managers. The hearing will take place in Brussels. Registration for the hearing is now open. Please register here before 22/02/2012 .

The perception amongst scientific committee members that risk assessments, as they are currently conducted, do not inform the risk management process as well as they should has led to the request for the current opinion.

Conclusions of the preliminary opinion point to several avenues for improvement:

(i) more dialogue between risk assessors and risk managers;

(ii) the evaluation of possible risk-management options;

(iii) expression of risk assessments in terms of value-relevant impacts on humans and ecosystems; and

(iv) better communication of the risks including the evaluation of different possible scenarios, full characterization of whole populations/ ecosystems and clearly expressing uncertainties.

For more information on the independent Scientific Committees and the risk assessment procedure, please visit: