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Public Health (29-03-2011)

4th ┬┤Safety for Success` Dialogue on Nanotechnology Opens Today!

Today, the European Commission convenes an international conference on Nanotechnology in Brussels. For 2 days, scientists, risk assessors, public authorities, industry, and consumer and environmental NGOs gather to discuss the advancing science of nanotechnology and its implication for the regulatory framework.

This is the 4th annual 'Safety for Success Dialogue' organised by the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers. The Dialogues were launched in 2007 with the goal of stimulating an exchange of views between key stakeholders and exchanging information on the latest developments in the field of nanotechnology.

During this 4th 'Safety for Success' Dialogue, participants will take stock of the fast advancing science needed for appropriate and effective policies. They will analyse how these advances help with intelligence gathering, risk assessment, risk management and safe design. Specific topics for discussion include the measurement of manufactured nanomaterials, regulatory definitions, assessing the risks and managing nanomaterials already on the market.

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