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Public Health (06-11-2009)

The European Commission convenes the Third Annual Nanotechnology "Safety for Success" Dialogue Workshop

The Third Annual Nanotechnology "Safety for Success" Dialogue took place in Brussels on 3-4 November 2009. This Dialogue, convened by the Health and Consumers Directorate General of the European Commission, attracted more than 230 participants.

At the Dialogue, scientists, risk assessors, public authorities, industry, and consumer and environmental NGOs discussed how to ensure the safety of nanoproducts and how to build public trust in nanotechnology. The workshop revolved around four case studies, using products already on the market. Each case study was presented from the perspectives of industry, stakeholders and risk assessors from public authorities or academia. In a concluding session, rapporteurs used the large amount of information that came to the fore to draw practical recommendations for the next European Action Plan for nanoscience and nanotechnologies.

The success of this workshop confirms the value of open and frank discussions. As a concrete and immediate follow-up, the European Commission plans to organise a series of focused dialogues to ensure progress on some of the key points that emerged during the Third Annual Nanotechnology "Safety for Success" Dialogue.

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