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Animal Health and Welfare (26-10-2009)

Public consultation on the future EU Animal Health Law

To assist the ongoing public consultation process on the future EU Animal Health Law, a dedicated page on SANCO website has been made available from 21 October at the following address:

That page contains the questionnaire which serves to collect input on the main problems identified so far in relation to current EU animal health policy and to check, add to and, if necessary, redirect possible approaches to solving them. This questionnaire is addressed to anyone with a stake in animal health and welfare, especially stakeholders involved in keeping live animals and in the production of, trade in, import or export of live animals and products of animal origin, or in legal and economic affairs related to these areas including non-professional animal keepers, national organizations, associations, etc.

For technical reasons, the European Commission can only consider your contribution in good time if it is submitted via the on-line interactive version of this questionnaire. That on line interactive questionnaire is available from 23 October until 31 December 2009 at the following page:

Please visit the above pages for further information.