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Public Health (20-10-2005)

Platform on diet, physical activity and health – database of actions launched

The Commission has today launched an online database, linked to the Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, which details the actions of the Platform members in trying to tackle obesity and promote physical activity in the EU. Participants have reported, as a first step, activities carried out in 2004 and already decided for 2005 to meet the Platform objectives. The database provides a summary of each action, with timing, geographical coverage, target audience, theme (i.e. diet, physical activity or heath), type of activity, how it has been developed and how it is being evaluated. The aim of the database is to collate the actions of the Platform members and present them in a way that allows them to be publicly viewed, analysed, sorted and compared. For 2006, each Platform member has committed to devoting an increasing level of resources and effort beyond their baselines. The database will be continually updated in line with new input submitted by the Platform members.

Click here to view the Platform database