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Public Health (30-04-2009)

2nd Open Forum within the framework of the European Alcohol and Health Forum, ( Brussels , 30 April 2009)

Within the framework of the EU strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol related harm, and in the context of the European Alcohol and Health Forum, the 2nd Open Forum was held in Brussels on 30 April 2009.
The Open Forum is a platform for exchange of information and for discussion with a broad range of interested parties, including Member States. It also provides networking possibilities between and among the different stakeholders who wish to contribute to the reduction of alcohol-related harm.
This year's Open Forum was structured around a series of four round tables, covering
-          consumer information and education;
-          marketing communication (including responsible selling and serving and the role of the media);
-          children and young people;
-          (inter)governmental policy developments.
During the Round Tables, relevant commitments for actions by Forum members were presented and discussed. While underlining the progress made within the first two years of the Forum, the Forum Chair, Robert Madelin (Director General for Health and Consumers in the European Commission), called for even stronger action by all stakeholders to curb alcohol-related harm.
The 60 member organisations of the European Alcohol and Health Forum – health and consumer NGOs, medical professions, the alcohol industry, advertisers, retailers, wholesalers, caterers, the media etc – have expressed willingness to devote increasing levels of time and resources on meaningful actions to prevent alcohol-related harm. The 108 commitments to action currently made by Forum members, and the implementation of these actions, can be followed at the following web site:

More information on the Forum process is available at: