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Animal Health and Welfare (07-04-2009)

Treaty of Lisbon and animal welfare

The European Commission examines today, during a conference in the Italian Parliament in Rome, the ways in which the Treaty of Lisbon influences the field of animal welfare.
The conference -"the new European Treaty and the animal welfare policies" - is organised by the Italian League Anti Vivisection (LAV), the Intergroup for Animal Welfare of the Italian Parliament and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) in view of the upcoming European elections in June. The conference is supported by the European Commission Representation in Italy and foresees the participation of the European Commission, of Members of the European and Italian Parliaments as well as of the concerned Italian Ministries.
The event aims to reflect on the legal status of animals as "sentient beings," as defined in the protocol annexed to the EC Treaty, and on considerations to be taken into account by the legislator in the Community policies for the protection and welfare of animals and their implementation in the Member States. The recent Conclusions of the Agricultural Council of the European Union on a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare will also be examined.
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