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Animal Health and Welfare (27-03-2009)

TR@CES, a new print!

1st April will see both the release of the website dedicated to TRACES and TRACES fifth birthday. Five years ago some pioneer Member States were the first to use it, nine months before the legal obligation. TRACES is the first true e-government system of the European Commission used by European citizens and Member States officials for trading animals and animal products in their mother tongues. Public health, animal health and welfare are the core elements of TRACES, instantaneous retrieving of information allows authorities to take the right decision in case of serious threat.

To start with, TRACES provided sanitary controls, certification and notification of the all movements of animals, their semen and embryos and now for all animal products. Presently, an average of 45,000 intra-trade certificates and 40,000 common veterinary entry documents are issued each month. 250,000 notifications are issued each for whomever is concerned.

Morocco and New-Caledonia were the first third countries and overseas territories to successfully use TRACES to facilitate trade to the European Union, prevent fraud and strengthen their commercial link.
For countries wishing to enter the European Union a didactic module of border control is available and Croatia has been using it for the past month.

The next step will be the development of certification for export from the EU to third countries as the module is ready for launching, interconnection with the custom single window, scientific control management based upon statistic risk assessment, and last but not least electronic certification.

Following the Lisbon strategy, TRACES is developing e-trade together with other administrations and is helping developing countries to improve their trade by complying with the WTO technical barriers to trade.

On this release day I would like to thanks the 15,000 daily users of TRACES and the Member States for the present and future success they contribute to the wealth of all.

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