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Consumers (05-10-2005)

Commission publishes extensive report on "Consumers in Europe"

The Directorate General of the European Commission for Health and Consumer Protection, and Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, have today launched the second edition of “Consumers in Europe – Facts and Figures”, a comprehensive collection of the most important data on EU consumer issues. Based on information gathered from 1999-2004, the publication includes details on expenditure patterns, consumer attitudes, relative purchasing power, indirect taxation levels and the different domains of consumption, from food and beverages to communication services. This is the first such consumer survey report to be published by the EU since the adoption of the euro and EU Enlargement in May 2004. As such, interesting comparisons can be made between consumer patterns and behaviour in the new and old Member States. For example: consumption expenditure per household is almost 8 times higher in Luxembourg than in Latvia; Danish price levels in 2003 were 3 times higher than those in Slovakia; consumers in the EU-15 are around twice as likely to order a product or service by internet as their counterparts in the new Member States; Hungarians spend almost twice as much time watching television every day as citizens in Luxembourg. The extensive data in this publication will serve as a valuable tool for European policy makers in developing legislation that reflects and responds to the real situation for consumers across the EU.

To access “Consumers in Europe – facts and figures”, go to the EU bookshop at: or apply for a paper copy (€30) by fax 0352-2929-42758