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Consumers (19-11-2008)

Commission reports on how the injunctions directive is working

On 18 November the Commission adopted its first report on the impact of the Injunctions Directive on protecting consumers' interests.
An injunction is a court or administrative order requiring traders to stop an illegal practice. The Injunctions Directive has set up in every EU country a scheme allowing consumer organisations and consumer public authorities to seek an injunction for breaches of consumer-protection laws, including those in another EU country. Such breaches include, for example, misleading lottery advertising or unfair terms in consumer contracts.
The report focuses on two issues:
  • it describes how the Directive has been transposed by the Member States into their national laws;
  • it points out the difficulties (such as the cost and complexity of court proceedings) faced when seeking an injunction, in particular in cross-border cases.
The report concludes that the new consumer enforcement network set up by the Consumer Protection Regulation and the new EU rules on the laws applicable to non-contractual obligations should, at least partially, help to overcome these difficulties. At this stage, the Commission will not propose any changes to the Directive, and will continue to monitor how it is being applied.
More details on the Injunctions Directive and the complete report in all languages: