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Consumers (03-11-2008)

Commission launches a Campaign on Consumer Rights in Estonia

Today in Estonia, the Commission launched a nationwide consumer information campaign "Know Your Consumer Rights" Acting on behalf of European Consumer Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, the Commissioner in charge of Information Society and Media, Viviane Reding, launched the campaign. This is a part of the European Commission's long-term strategy to empower consumers and  inform them about their rights, thus boosting their confidence to shop at home and across borders. To do so, the Commission has prepared a series of tailor-made national campaigns. The objectives of the campaign are, first, to provide clear and accurate information about consumer's rights which apply anywhere in the EU and, secondly, to help consumers become more confident about speaking up for those rights themselves.
The consumer topics covered by the information campaign include: product guarantees, unfair commercial practices, package holidays, indication of prices, product labelling, doorstep selling, toy safety, and more. The campaign will feature media advertising as well as other elements such as  a competition for the most interesting story on a consumer's experience or a competition for press photographers on the best picture based on the "Smart Consumer" theme.
While on average the Estonians feel better informed about their rights than consumers in other new members of the EU, studies show that 70% of Estonian consumers are interested in learning more about their rights. Furthermore, almost 50% of them believe that they have fewer consumer rights than shoppers in other EU countries. The information campaign will address these concerns.
In Estonia, the main national authority for consumer affairs is the Estonian Consumer Protection Board, which runs a hotline, provides consumer advice and assistance with complaints or mediation. The current campaign will complement existing information efforts, and will be run in co-operation with the national board, non-governmental organisations, and the local European Consumer Centre, a part of an EU-wide network.
The campaign website is
For further information concerning the Commission's work in relation to consumer rights, please see: