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Food and Feed Safety (04-10-2005)

The CPVO organizes a seminar in Brussels on enforcement of plant variety rights

Breeders are facing more and more difficulties when enforcing their Community and national plant variety rights. An important reason for this phenomenon is the limited knowledge of the applicable legislation amongst breeders, lawyers, prosecutors and judges. For this reason, the Community Plant Variety Office, in close co-operation with the breeders’ organizations and the European Commission, is holding a seminar on enforcement of plant variety rights on the 4th and 5th of October in Brussels.

About 210 intellectual property practitioners specialized in plant variety protection, in particular, breeders and representatives of the breeders’ organizations, lawyers, judges, officials of ministries responsible for legislation on enforcement of plant variety rights and representatives from examinations offices in the Community will attend this seminar. They will share information and experience relating to the enforcement of plant variety rights in order to raise the awareness of the applicable legislation. An attempt will also be made to evaluate if there is room for improvements as regards the legislation in force and in preparation, and if so, the appropriate way to ensure that changes are made.

As a follow up, the CPVO envisages to organize two similar seminars in Spain and Poland in 2006.

Agenda, speeches and further information available on the CPVO web site: