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Public Health (12-09-2008)

European Commission renews and updates mandates of scientific advisory committees on consumer, health and environmental risks

On 5 September 2008, the European Commission renewed and updated the mandates of its' scientific advisory structure on consumer, health and environmental risks. The structure includes three scientific committees and a pool of scientific advisors.
Robert Madelin, Director General of Health and Consumers Directorate General said: "Scientific risk assessment is at the core of EU decision making on health and environmental policies and measures. The scientific committees provide us with a broad range of independent expertise provided by top scientists. In a technological world characterised by increasingly complex risk issues, good quality, independent scientific advice is vital in order to ensure the high level of health and environmental protection that European citizens expect from the EU institutions."
The updated structure will deal with non-food consumer risks as well as risk for the environment and public health. It includes three Scientific Committees:
  • on Consumer Safety ( formerly on Consumer Products),
  • on Health and Environmental Risks
  • and on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks
and a Pool of Scientific Advisors on Risk Assessment.
The scientific committees and the pool will be composed of independent scientists appointed by the Commission following a public call for expression of interests. The establishment of the Pool will allow easier access to a wide range of scientific expertise, from EU and other countries. The composition and functioning of the structure will be based on the principles of independence, competence and transparency. The Decision provides for better co-ordination between the Committees, co-operation with other EU risk assessment bodies and greater transparency and stakeholder dialogue.
A call for expression of interest in membership of the committees and the pool will be launched in the next few weeks.
To consult the revised Commission decision 2008/721/EC (OJ reference L 241/21 from 10/09/2008) setting up an advisory structure of Scientific Committees and experts please see:        
More information on the call of expression on interest is available at: