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Animal Health and Welfare (14-07-2008)

Meeting to raise awareness on animal welfare standards to be held in Panama City

Aiming to increase the awareness on its animal welfare standards, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), with the financial backing of the European Commission, organises in Panama City on August 19-20 the first OIE Inter-American Meeting on Animal Welfare. The meeting also aims to support the implementation of the OIE guidelines on animal welfare.


The European Commission is actively working with the OIE to raise awareness on animal welfare issues internationally and to support the implementation of the OIE guidelines. This meeting is the latest in a series of successful events that have been co-organised by the Commission and the OIE, such as the Workshop "Animal Welfare in Europe: achievements and future prospects" (November 2006, Strasbourg) and the International Conference "Animal Welfare: New Horizons For The 21st Century, An International And Regional Perspective" (April 2007, Montevideo).


The meeting in Panama City is financed by the OIE World Animal Health and Welfare Fund, to which the Commission has contributed 100.000€