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Public Health (01-07-2008)

Commission completes issuing Reasoned Opinions to ten Member States in total for failing to transpose three Directives related to EU wide quality and safety requirements for Tissues and Cells

On 26 June 2008, the Commission agreed to send the last set of reasoned opinions to Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Sweden and Slovenia as regards the Commission Directive 2006/86/EC (deadline for transposition: 1 September 2007).
On 8 May 2008, the Commission sent reasoned opinions to Belgium, Czech-Republic, Estonia, Sweden and Slovenia regarding lack of transposition of the Directive 2004/23/EC (deadline for transposition: 7 April 2006). On that same day, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and Slovenia were sent reasoned opinions regarding the Commission Directive 2006/17/EC (deadline for transposition: 1 November 2006). The referral to the ECJ is the next step in the infringement procedure.
For more information on Commission's policies on Quality and Safety Requirements for Tissues and Cells please go to: