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Public Health (27-06-2008)

Mayors from Across Europe meet in Brussels to discuss ways of fighting childhood obesity

Over 70 mayors and local politicians from across the European Union are meeting today in Brussels to discuss how best to tackle the growing problem of childhood obesity. This innovative project is part of a growing initiative first launched by the EPODE methodology in France. The EPODE approach is  based on community development - using local authorities and local stakeholders to meet local needs. The European Commission co-funds this initiative.
In the opening speech of the conference, Robert Madelin, Director General of Health and Consumers at the European Commission said " As we all know, evidence shows that childhood obesity is rising dramatically in Europe. We need address this challenge and act now. The Strategy for Europe on Nutrition, Overweight and Obesity related issues calls for an inter-sectoral and partnership approach. The EPODE process ties local partnerships to a strong commitment under direct leadership of local authorities. I am encouraged by the growth of the EPODE approach and welcome the interest shown by the Committee of Regions."
The EPODE Mayor's Club extends to 1.8 million inhabitants in 167 French cities, with pilot projects in Spain and Belgium and new projects starting in Greece, Canada and Australia.
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