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Consumers (29-05-2008)


On May 29th the Commission held the second of the three planned workshops on consumer collective redress, meeting representatives from industry in Brussels.
The aim of the workshop was to discuss in depth technical issues relating to consumer collective redress which are of specific interest to businesses, such as costs of proceedings, out-of-court settlements and compensation. Concerning the cost of proceedings, participants analysed which expenses would influence more the cost of a collective redress action and how this cost could be reduced. The advantages and disadvantages of in-court and out-of-court collective redress were examined. Regarding compensation, it was discussed whether compensation should be limited to economic loss and to monetary compensation or whether compensation should also include, for example, non economic loss and be provided by other means (e.g. product substitution or vouchers).
The Commission also provided feedback on the results of the Commission's consultation on the benchmarks that effective and efficient collective redress mechanisms should respect in order to provide satisfactory redress for consumers.
In addition, the audience was informed on the progress of the two ongoing collective redress studies launched by the Commission.
The next workshops will take place on June 6th and will tackle collective redress issues of specific interest to legal practitioners.
For further information concerning the Commission's work in relation to consumer collective redress and for a list of the consumer collective redress benchmarks, please see: